8th April 2019 - Statement

8th April 2019




USSU has been made aware of allegations made against Zamzam Ibrahim, President of the Students’ Union in 2017/18, relating to an alleged disciplinary matter. In the interests of clarity and transparency the Students’ Union has issued the following statement:


The allegation was investigated fully in 2017 by the Deputy Chair of the Board of Trustees, a lay trustee, and it was found that there was no case to answer and therefore no action was taken. The lay trustee was supported by a professional HR firm in coming to this conclusion, and the results of the investigation were passed to the Charity Commission for noting. There is no suggestion of impropriety by either Zamzam Ibrahim or other Trustees, and the Union retains full confidence in them.


The allegations made this morning (8th April 2019) are in and of themselves a serious data breach and will be reported to the authorities and investigated fully.  



NUS has issued a separate statement:


An email has been circulated concerning the conduct of a NUS full time Officer who is also a candidate in the elections at this year’s annual conference.


NUS is satisfied that allegations, by former members of staff, of misuse of union funds and fraud at the University of Salford Students’ Union were reviewed appropriately and investigated at the time by the Union. The outcome of the investigation, chaired by a lay member of the Board of Trustees, found that there was no case to answer and that no further action was required. 


This is also not the first time that allegations have been made via anonymous google mail accounts against former Salford Officers to influence elections.