Varsity Health and Safety Guidance



In order to minimise risk participants should bear the following in mind when choosing their course:

• When choosing your route consider the time of day, the likely weather, the period of time you will be out and carry out your own risk assessment

• Consider the likelihood of meeting others along your route and consider avoiding congested areas

• Follow all relevant guidelines from the Government, Local Council, and England Athletics

• Follow the government’s guidelines on social distancing and keep contact with others to a minimum, stay clear or give priority to pedestrians and other people using public spaces

• Consider others around you on your chosen route

• Carry your ICE details with you and let friends and family know where you are going, when you will return and check in on your return

• Keep to public rights of way

• Beware of traffic where your route crosses junctions and carriageway and do not wear headphones if your route crosses a carriageway

• Familiarise yourself with the terrain on the route you have chosen and the prevailing weather conditions and dress appropriately including waterproof/Hi Vis clothing and carry a torch if necessary

• Carry water and any emergency medication you require


Varsity 2021 Risk Assessment