Statement Regarding Online Elections - 2nd February 2018

Over these past 12 months the Union has successfully trialled online elections for student group committees, and began implementing a partial transition to online elections for all groups this semester. This is done to make it easier and fairer for groups to elect their new committees and allows everyone the chance to nominate and vote in their respective group elections. Voting online still allows groups the chance to host question and answer sessions for their candidates, and for candidates to campaign for election.

However, it’s clear from groups’ feedback - both in person and on our big ideas page - that we haven’t done enough consultation on this system, for this we apologise!  

On 1st February 2018 a meeting of the Societies and Sports Executive was held; this is your democratic student body which oversees societies and sports clubs. The Executive unanimously agreed to make the system optional in line with the idea submitted. Groups will be able to opt out of the new online system if they wish to do so.

The Executive hopes many groups will use the online voting system due to its ease of use, accessibility and other benefits.  Should societies or sports groups wish to use the online system later on this semester they will be able to do so.

The decision to implement this system was done with the best intentions and designed to help groups run their activities just as much as it helps the Union facilitate them. Full minutes of the meeting can be found below. Any changes for group elections will be developed by students through our democratic bodies (Union Council, Student Executive) and consulted on extensively with our student group committees and members.

Further questions can be emailed to (sport) or (societies). Student group committees have already been emailed with more details.

Socieities and Sports Student Executive February Additional Meeting Minutes