Wellbeing and Equality Secretary

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Promoting a focus on your member’s health and wellbeing is an essential task for any group. It’s also important to remember that your membership will be very diverse and not everyone will like the same type of activities and that all of your members will have different needs. In order for any group to reach their full potential they will need to be appealing to as many different types of student as possible, by making their activities, events and meetings as inclusive as possible, listening to the full range of views your member will have and encouraging all members to take part in leading the group.     

Skills required

  • A passion for equality
    You will be keen on ensuring you group act equally to all members at all times and that they are equal opportunities to take part in any activities and run for any committee positions.
  • Understanding of Inclusion Issues
    No two people are the same, some of us might have barriers to participating but we all like fun! Your membership will benefit from a wide range of activities and socials try and mix it up to make sure all of your membership are getting a chance to take part in your group.
  • Be an ally
    LGBTQ* people have to make a decision as to if they are going to ‘come out’ every time they enter a new group, without an ally supporting them they could become fearful of coming out or isolated once they do come out. Be an ally, support your members in flourishing.    
  • A positive attitude for health and wellbeing
    You will be keen to lead and promote wellbeing programs within the group. You will know who to ask for help and when if one of your members needs a little extra support or has an issue when with the group. You will also have an ability to listen, listening to a welfare or equality issue is very challenging and will require you to listen within making judgements and know when to seek advice from the Union.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Make sure all of the groups conduct happens is safe and welcoming environment
  2. Reflect the diverse nature of the student body, this will increase your membership and ensure events are accessible to all
  3. Provide equal opportunities to all of your groups membership
  4. Take part in and promote wellbeing opportunities to your membership
  5. Ensure everyone has a great and safe experience, your membership joined your group to have make their university life more enjoyable, fun and exciting. You can do this by making sure your meetings are always inclusive and friendly.