Social Secretary

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Responsible for ensuring socials are a fundamental part of being part of the club. Whether these are evenings out, weekends away, or just a meal at someone’s house, your members will get to know each other better and enjoy themselves more. A social club is normally a happy club, socials are a great way to break down barriers between old and new members.

Personal skills required

  • An eye for a good time
  • Creative thinking
  • Motivating volunteers
  • Understanding of inclusion issues
  • Passion for both sober and drinking socials
  • Highly personable
  • Respect of member's personal values (e.g. not drinking)
  • Well respected by club members

Key Responsibilities

  1. Organise a wide range of socials – don’t just think about drinking related socials!
  2. Reflect the diverse nature of the student body – this will increase your membership and ensure events are accessible to all
  3. Provide a structured plan of socials throughout the year
  4. Remember – initiations are not permitted!!
  5. Ensure everyone has a great and safe experience
  6. Improving club morale, uniting the club and breaking down cliques
  7. Bringing the club members together, especially in-between trips, competitions and training