Kit / Equipment Secretary

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As a kit and equipment secretary, your role is important. People often like to have some stash that they can take away with them when they leave, as well as have an identity on campus! Your club will also need new equipment every year to keep improving its provision for its members. The kit / equipment secretary will never be out of pocket or have to pay with their own money.

Personal skills required

  • Creative Mind
  • Excellent organisation
  • Good time management
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Good arithmetic skills
  • Extensive knowledge and experience of kit/equipment of your sport
  • Advanced understanding of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

Key Responsibilities

  1. Ensure that sizes / numbers / design / material of kit is correct
  2. Create spreadsheets of what each member ordered
  3. Ensuring the sponsor’s logo is on the kit*
  4. Liaising with Student Activities for purchasing kit and equipment
  5. Keep an up to date equipment inventory, knowing what needs to be replaced
  6. Ensuring the club has sufficient first aid supplies which reflect their specific sport
  7. Arranging for any broken equipment to be fixed
  8. Liaise with Treasurer if applying for extra funding for equipment and kit

* If the club has a sponsorship contract which states logos should be on the kit