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The Chairperson of a group is the leader, who oversees the sports clubs activity. They will provide support, advice and guidance to the other committee members throughout the year. Probably the most challenging role on the committee, you’ll need experience of what the group does, and a strong belief in the aims of the group.

Personal skills required

  • Communication
  • Dedication/Commitment
  • People Management
  • Passion for the sport
  • Motivating volunteers
  • Organisation
  • Delegation
  • Highly personable
  • Hard Working

Key Responsibilities

  1. Calling Meetings – the Secretary does the agenda and minutes
  2. Chairing Meetings – make sure everything is covered and no-one dominates
  3. Delegating Tasks – you shouldn’t do everything yourself!
  4. Understanding the Broader Picture – keep the aims of the group in mind at all times
  5. Being a Spokesperson or Figurehead – represent your group whenever you can
  6. Maintaining Committee Enthusiasm – if you’re not passionate, no-one else will be
  7. Complete the Group’s Development Plan – setting out the aims and objectives for the next academic year
  8. Meet with Student Activities Staff – be the main point of liaison with the SU and Activities Team, meeting twice a year to detail development plans
  9. Cast an Approving Eye – watch over any funding applications, social plans or fixtures, oversee the general running of the club.