Sober Socials Ideas

Use these ideas to help organize your next alcohol-free social event. Be sure to submit a complete Event Planning Form 30 days prior to any qualifying event.

Games & Sports

Ice Skating

Here is one that can be done any time of year, but will serve as a great function at the end of the first semester and beginning of the second semester. Simply call the local ice rink and rent the place out for a couple of hours.

Club Olympics

Your club's very own mini-olympics. Events could include a bed race, apple bobbing, etc.

Casino Night

Set up tables of Vegas’ most popular games and try your luck in winning play money. At the end of the evening hold an auction and see which of the big winners walks away with the prizes.

Card Tournaments

Have a card tournament targeting those students who sit in the cafeteria and play cards. Play Hearts, Uno, etc. Provide prizes to entice participation.

Games Night

Hold a Game Nights with board games and video games. Board games can include Monopoly, Game of Life, Twister, Scrabble, etc.

Minature Golf

Get out those old argyles and knickers, put on your golf shoes, find that old alligator shirt, grab the golf bag, pull out your putter then hit the course! Members should be paired into teams who compete for the lowest score once the course has been finished.

Crazy Bowling

Reserve a few lanes at your local bowling alley and have everyone dress in a crazy outfit (you can choose a theme). Every couple of frames, make participants do something different (ex. Spin around 5 times) before, after, or during their shots.

My Tie Boardgame Night

Competition at its finest! Challenge your mind and your friends to an evening of fast, frenzied, and fantastic boardgame playing. Here is the concept: men must supply one of their ties. All the ties are thrown into a huge pile or box. The women are then instructed to choose a tie and wear it. Each man has to find the woman who is wearing his tie… once the two have found each other, a match is made. They then act as a team and participate in the evening’s activities together. Set up different boardgames throughout the event location. Each room should have a new game and a game-specific snack and alcohol-free drink. Be sure to have the favorites handy - Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Pictionary, Life are always enjoyed.
The teams travel throughout the event and play abbreviated versions of the games. Have teams carry a scorecard. Points are given for each game a team wins… teams that accumulate the most points receive prizes.

Capture the Flag

Create your own Capture the Flag course. The goal is to capture the opposing team’s flag. Use water pistols filled with coloured water to squirt them. Have teams of about 10-15 per side. Everyone must wear white t-shirts. The two sides get different coloured water. Play a certain time, usually a predetermined fifteen minutes with four quarters. As the opposing team approaches your Headquarters (where your flag is located), you squirt them. If your coloured water hits their shirt, they must return to their homebase. Referees are needed to make sure the game is fair.

Functions and Mixers

Ballroom Dancing

Contact a local dance studio. Have your members and guests dress in suits and formal dresses.

Grab a Date

Have everyone meet at a designated time and place. Tell them they have 30 minutes to find a date, and it must be someone they don’t know. Go out to a movie, mini-golf, go-karts, or other fun date event. Also, for an added twist, require that the first line you say to your potential date is a cheesy pickup line.

Hawaiian Tropics

Put on the grass skirts and wiggle your hips as you dine on roasted pig and sip tropical mocktails. 

Carnival Night

Set up booths with carnival games—dunk booth, ring toss, darts, other favorites. Rent a cotton candy machine and have bucket of peanuts available.

Murder Mystery Party

Fictionally murder one of your members, founders or alumni. Members and guests, not involved in the creation of the mystery, attend the function 
to solve the murder mystery. Create a story as to how it all happened. Every participant is given a detective’s badge and a clue packet that contains bio's of each of the suspects and a place to write down clues. Three hours are given to solve the case by traveling through the location to different rooms which contains clues. After the allotted time, the detectives are gathered and the case, if not solved, is revealed by the chief
detective (social secretary), or if solved, is revealed by the detective who has cracked the case. The case you develop may be too difficult. Have a squealer who leaks information to detectives!