AGM Guide

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Each year every sport club has to hold an Annual General Meeting (AGM) before the end of March. The purpose of an AGM is to inform the members of the group’s progress, what funds have been spent on and to elect a new committee. If a committee member stands down at any point, or there is a major club wide issue, an Emergency General Meeting (EGM) can be held.

To hold an AGM (or EGM), clubs must meet each of the requirements below.


The group needs to give at least one weeks notice of the AGM, however two weeks notice is preferential. This should be done via email. It can also be reiterated in person and on social media. Please also inform the Club Sport Co-ordinator at the Union of the time, date and location.


Before the AGM create a clear and productive agenda, which you can then email out to each of your members before the meeting. Having an agenda means students know when to bring any questions they may have up and keeps the meeting on track. Stick to this agenda on the day.

Financial Overview

During the AGM the finances of the group need to be discussed. This is your time to explain to members what budgets and membership money has been spent on. If you have received any monthly funding please discuss that also. You may also want to discuss the process of applying for your budget at this point.

Progress and Achievements

Make sure you explain about how the club has progressed over the year, the achievements you have made and how this can be improved upon. Inspire the next committee.

Any Other Business

This is the point where students may raise issues which have not been addressed in any other section of the agenda.



Those who wish to run should have already informed the current committee via email of their intention, however there should also be a window on the day for people to nominate themselves.


This is the point where those who are running give their speeches regarding why they should be voted in. It is best to do this in groups, so everyone running for chair, then everyone running for secretary etc.


Next a vote must take place, it is preferred that a secret vote takes place, collect votes using a container and count the outside of the room.