Emergency Procedure

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In the event of a serious accident or incident:

  1. Stop and think. Assess the situation
    • Ensure that the group is safe and accounted for
    • Are there any hazards present that may affect the group?
  2. Attend to any casualties if safe to do so
    • Give first aid within the groups’ capabilities
    • Get help if required
    • Get any third party / witness / insurance details if necessary
  3. Gather the information required by the Emergency services if possible:
    • Name(s) of group members
    • First aid given
    • Number of people, injured, missing
    • Age(s) of group members
    • Location(s) of group members
    • Time of incident
    • Medical condition of group
    • Equipment available to group
  4. Dial 999 and ask for the relevant Emergency Service
    • Available services
      • Police
      • Ambulance
      • Fire Brigade
      • Mountain Rescue
      • Coast Guard
      • Cave Rescue
    • Co-operate fully with the emergency services. 
    • Do not admit fault (where applicable)
  5. Someone from the group must accompany casualties to hospital (if required)
  6. Contact the Students’ Union
    • Weekdays 9am-5pm: 0161 351 5400
    • All other times: Campus Security 0161 295 3333
  7. If the media contact you give ONLY the following statement and hang up:
    • “If you want any information, the University of Salford Students’ Union will be able to help you. Their number is 0161 351 5400