Sponsorship for your club can bring many benefits, like valuable extra income, but be prepared, it can be a difficult process! Keep going, and remember that the Student Opportunities staff are here to support you throughout the process.

Be aware that many organisations are very focused on marketing to the student audience and see sport clubs as a great way to reach them. So don’t undervalue what you have to offer and don’t be afraid to speak to a number of potential sponsors. Once you’ve found a sponsor, take responsibility for monitoring the agreement and checking all sides are happy.

As a Students' Union representative, you should take a positive, professional and responsible approach which should help ensure an effective working relationship with your sponsor.

General Guidance Regarding Sponsorship

  • Do not undervalue what you offer a potential sponsor – the student market is lucrative and many companies are keen to target students through groups. If you’re in any doubt as to the value of something, please get in touch with the Student Activities staff for guidance.
  • Be realistic – do not negotiate terms which you cannot honour or comply with. This particularly applies to advertising around campus or distributing publicity. You can only 'sell' what you have the right to sell.
  • Remember that access to your member’s names and contact details is restricted under the Data Protection Act. You must not promise direct access to your membership lists.
  • Do not sign any form of contract or agreement before you’ve obtained consent from the Activities Staff.
  • Avoid having sponsors printed on kit if possible, sponsors change fairly frequently and this can result in constantly having to buy new kit for new sponsorship deals.

"Sponsor My Society"

To give you some extra support, we have teamed up with 'Sponsor My Society' a website set up by a former student to facilitate sports clubs and organisations teaming up, providing clubs and societies with sponsorship from reputable companies and brands. 

The process is simple, one representative from your club must sign up on behalf of the club and should manage the club account. Once signed up, you will be able to start matching with organisations and hopefully make some successful partnerships!

Sponsor My Society Webpage

Sponsorship Contract

Once you have found a sponsor, both a representative from your club and your sponsor must complete and sign a sponsorship contract as provided by the Students' Union. You can download a blank copy of the sponsorship contract as a Word document below:

Download Sponsorship Contract