Sessional Workers Plan

Sessional workers, such as instructors and coaches, are required to sign our Terms of Agreement for Sessional Workers. The policy within the Terms of Agreement can the downloadable document can be found below.

Download Sessional Worker Policy and Terms of Agreement


Key Objectives

  • To provide a framework in which self employed sessional workers and/or Instructors can be utilised to support Student Activities
  • To enhance provision within the University of Salford Students' Union Statutory and Legal Framework
  • Employment Act 2002


  1. The purpose of this policy is to enable the appointment of sessional workers / instructors to aid the provision and support of Student Activities.
  2. It is essential that all sessional workers / instructors are regarded as Self Employed. This ensures that the Union is not regarded as the employer and has no employment responsibilities to sessional workers and those workers are not eligible for employee benefits.
  3. The self employed status of these workers ensures that they have personal liability for tax and national insurance employee benefits and that the Union is not in a position to be challenged by the HM Revenue and Customs on liability for payment of tax.

Formal Agreement

  1. A standard Terms of Agreement for Self Employed Sessional Workers / Instructors together with a declaration of Self Employment will be signed by the Sessional Worker / Instructor.
  2. This agreement sets out the terms and conditions of appointment and ensures compliance with HM Revenue and Customs requirements.

Recruitment of Sessional Workers / Instructors

  1. Sessional Workers / Instructors will be selected through the following process:
    1. Completion of a Sessional/Instructor Worker form which includes:
      1. Experience and/or qualifications (including supporting evidence)
      2. Details of level of services to be provided
      3. Confirmation of public liability and other relevant insurance cover (original cover note must be provided and recorded)
      4. Confirmation of compliance with licensing requirements (if appropriate)
        • PPL (Phonographic Performance Licence) and
        • PRS Performance Rights Society
      5. Contact details of referees
  2. The prospective worker will be invited to an informal meeting to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the terms and conditions of the agreement prior to signing the agreement and self employment declaration form.
  3. Prior to commencing their sessions for the Union each Sessional Worker/Instructor will receive the following:
    1. An explanation of the Fire Evacuation and other Fire and Health and Safety requirements
    2. Adequate accommodation, equipment and or access to services to perform their tasks effectively

Equal Opportunities

  1. In accordance with the Union’s Equality and Diversity policy, sessional work at the Centre will be open to individuals irrespective of race, gender, disability, sexuality, age or marital status.
  2. In all instances if a prospective sessional worker or instructor demonstrates hostility to, or a clear lack of support for equal opportunities principles, she / he will be deemed automatically to be unsuitable for provision of Student Activities for the Union.


  1. The Union reserves the right to evaluate the effectiveness of service provision provided by the individual and if necessary to terminate the contract in the case of:
    1. unsatisfactory performance
    2. limited demand
    3. economic viability
    4. any actions which bring the Union into disrepute
  2. The Student Activities Manager will report any such terminations to the Membership Support Manager.

Discipline and Grievance

Sessional workers and instructors who have self employed status will not be subject to the Union’s disciplinary procedures. Correspondingly, sessional workers and instructors will not have access to the Union’s grievance procedures. However, they will be entitled to use the Union’s Complaints Procedure. Where appropriate, the complaint will be investigated fully by the Chief Executive or her/his representative.

Monitoring and Review

It will be the responsibility of the Student Activities Manager to regularly review the operation of the Union’s Sessional Worker / Instructor Policy to ensure that it is in accordance with relevant legislation and the Union’s related policies.