Print isn’t dead – not yet! Just ensure you are environmentally friendly and respectful of the University, accommodation, and Union environments. 

The best way to design is on Adobe, be it Illustrator or Photoshop. University computers have this pre-installed across campus if you don't have it on yours. The best advice is to use your networks and find a friend of a friend who can whip you up some material that looks professional! Also don't use microsoft to design your work! 

Roller Banners

The Union has a provider of high quality roller banners. The costs vary slightly, but a rough figure of £45 would be accurate. We encourage all clubs to have at least one roller banner. Banners can be used at all of your functions, particularly those with externals attending such as conferences and Welcome events. 

Banners should be as engaging as possible, so putting high resolution photos of your events is a good start, and your social media details are a must! What we don't advise is clubs putting meeting times/venues and contact information on them, as these will likely go out-of-date within one year, meaning the society will have to spend more money ordering a new banner. All banners must be done on the template provided below and approved by Student Opportunities. 

Download Roller Banner Template for Adobe (Photoshop/Illustrator/Fireworks)

Posters & Flyers

Posters that work are eye catching, relevant, timely and succinct. Remember to pull down your posters after the event too! Flyering can be fun and a good way to meet new students. Again, be aware of the flyers and pick up any strays you see on the ground. Pick your time well, aim for busy days of lectures and around different campuses. As a general rule, the 12-3pm lunchtime slot is always good wherever you are!

These are crucial for all clubs. On here you can put all the details you included on your roller banner, plus any more such as meeting times and venues. Using the Union template ensures that your posters and flyers can go up on official noticeboards and communal spaces across campus, however if you put them on random doors and walls then Estates will just take them down again! You can order them through our provider or source your own, however designs must be approved by Student Opprotunities staff. 

Tips for print:

  • Answer the 5 w’s! Don’t make the reader guess.
  • Include the call to action – what should they be doing next? 
  • Be different; make your poster stand out with your brand identity.
  • Check and double-check the details are right.
  • Only order as many as you need to reduce waste.
  • Keep products simple and clear.

All print must have the Union logo on it, and we advise that you use our templates just to be safe. 

Roll Up Banner Template Adobe PNG
A0 Template Adobe PNG
A1 Template Adobe PNG
A2 Template Adobe PNG
A3 Template Adobe PNG
A4 Template Adobe PNG
A5 Template Adobe PNG
Union Logo Adobe PNG
Union Logo (White)    PNG
Team Salford Logo   PNG