Club Sport Funding

Funding is a big part of ensuring a club runs effectivly and efficiently. 

Annual Grant Funding

Annual Grant Funding is applied for at the beginning of the year to cover the costs the club's expenditure throughout the year. These costs can include but are not exclusive to; venue hire, equipment, travel costs, trips, events and official costs. 

The applications are collated by the Club Sport Coordinator and are passed onto the Societies and Sports Executive Board. The board approve/decline/partly approve the applications depending on how relevant the application is and the level of detail in the applications, and of course how much money there is to give.

The outcomes will be communicated with the clubs by the Club Sport Coordinator along with any feedback. 

Monthly Grant Funding

The funding comes from a much smaller budget and helps to cover things that may crop up in the year that clubs did not forsee, but can still help to cover the cost of items mentioned in Annual Grant Funding above. With this funding, the exec like to see how this further develops the club as a whole. 

If you are not sure if your request is suitable, please first contact the Club Sport Coordinator before submitting your request.

These requests are taken to the exec once a month. 

Submit Monthly Funding Form Here