Faith and Culture

The Union currently has some amazing cultural and faith societies active on campus, they put on some fantastic events, invite some inspiration speakers on to visit and organise many celebrations over the year which culminates with our One World Week every March. They also have an amazing impact social impact by raising thousands of pounds for their respective chosen charities.

At Salford SU we love the diversity that our cultural and faith societies bring and encourage you to take part in their activities. We are always looking to set up new societies and if there is not currently a group to cater for your faith our culture please get in touch and we can help you set one up on campus. It’s easy to set up a society and you will receive support from the Students’ Union to help yours develop. Below are some of our cultrual and faith societies.       


The Union also works closely with the University's Faith Centre. Located on University Road next to the Delaney accomodation block and Chapman building, their chaplains are always on hand and continue to assist our societies in various ways. You can find out more details by visiting their page:

Visit the Faith Centre page