What is accreditation?

The accreditation scheme was brought in for two main reasons. Firstly, to give societies at Salford SU something to aim towards for the academic year. Secondly, (and most importantly) to reward and recognise societies and the volunteer committees which run them for the hard work they put in over the year on top of their studies. 

How does it work?

It's simple, really! Work your way through the criteria in the graphic below, once you have ticked all the boxes for one tier you can move onto the next!

How do I accredit?

Submit the form to the right to accredit your society for 2019/2020. You will need to submit the form by 3rd May. 


Do we submit different forms for each tier?

No, you submit it all in the same form. 

Can we jump straight to Silver/Gold?

No, you need to have completed the critera for the tier before the one youw ant to accrdit to.

When will we get our accreditation?

We'll announce them at SU Ball in May!

How does lockdown affect this?

Check the graphic!

The graphic is too small, got another version?

Download here!

What if we have other queires?

Contact your coordinator!