Van Bookings

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The Students' Union has a transit goods van which is available for booking by clubs as required for club use. To book the van you must hold a full clean UK car driving license, have had your license for at least 2 years, be over 21 and be on our registered drivers list.

Before booking the van you must agree to our van driving reguatlions documented below. You can book the van by filling a booking request form, available for download below, asking for it to be signed by the group Chairperson and the Student Activites Coordinator, and returned to the Students' Union Info Point in University House.

Download Van Booking Form

Van Regulations

Insurance Requirements

The insurance requirements for Union drivers are:

  • That they be aged 21 or over
  • That they have held a full, clean, UK driving licence for at least two years. Applications with endorsements or accident reports must be referred in the first instance to Endsleigh Insurances Services Ltd and then to the President/Trustee Board for consideration.

All endorsements and accidents involving registered drivers, subsequent to remaining on the Driver’s List, must be reported to the Students’ Union within 48 hours or at the start of term for occurrences during a vacation.

If the driver passed the DVLC driving test after 1 January 1997, he/she will NOT be insured to drive a minibus towing a trailer. However, this does NOT apply to transit vans.

This insurance will NOT cover any accident which occurs when the vehicles are being used for non-Union business/functions. (IN THE EVENT OF THE VEHICLES BEING USED FOR PERSONAL USE, THE DRIVER WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE IN EVERY CASE). Insurance will NOT cover any passengers travelling in the back of the transit van. It is only insured for the driver and two passengers.

Failure to comply with this will result in the driver being suspended from driving vehicles.

Entry onto the Drivers’ List

All new drivers will be assessed in accordance with the Minibus Driver Awareness Scheme (MIDAS), which is arranged through the Student Activities department. Exceptions to this requirement will be drivers who hold PSV or HGV licences.

Drivers’ List

A file of Union drivers will be compiled and maintained by the Students' Union (comprising those who have passed the MIDAS test). All qualified drivers will be issued with a MIDAS Certificate which MUST be produced with all booking applications.

Drivers who are not Union Members

Any person acceptable to the Insurance Company with no additional premium or excess payable may at the discretion of the President/Trustee Board drive the Union vehicles.

Booking System

Booking application forms must be completed and signed by the driver, then authorised by the Activity Group Chair and the Student Activities Coordinator/Student Activities Manager. Booking application forms must state the number of people travelling on the trip.

Van Usage Rates

There is normally no charge for the use of the transit van unless two groups require it at the same time. If this occurs, the cost of a rental van will be split between the groups.

Damage to Union Vehicles

Any damage to a vehicle will result in the driver, to whom the vehicle was booked out, being suspended from driving pending consideration of the circumstances under which the damage occurred by the Trustee Board.

The cost of repairs resulting from mechanical failure will be borne by the vehicle expenses budget. The cost of repairing damage caused by circumstances outside the control of the driver/user, and not recoverable from insurance, will be borne by the vehicle expenses account. The cost of repairs caused by the negligence, carelessness or recklessness of the driver/user will be borne by the driver/user involved up to a maximum of £150, being the amount of the present insurance policy excess.


Statutory Penalties and Charges

All fixed penalty payments are the responsibility of the driver.


Fines will be automatically and strictly applied in the following circumstances:

  • Returning vehicle late: £10
  • Returning vehicle in a dirty condition: the actual cost of having the vehicle valeted
  • Misuse of vehicle: amount at Trustee Board’s discretion
  • Failure to check tyres, oil, water or diesel level after use: £10
  • Failure to park vehicle correctly in reserved bay: £10
  • Failure to cancel the booking if vehicle is not required: £10.