Freedom of Speech

If a booking is made by a societies and the organisers would like to invite an external person onto campus to participate in any event/meeting, a Freedom of Speech form must be completed. This is in line with the University's Code of Practice for the Freedom of Speech.

The Students’ Union also has a policy document on managing external speakers as well as a briefing for society members and an agreement for external speakers. You should make sure that you have read these document and are clear about them.

Please complete the form below to request an external speaker for an event/meeting. The form must be submitted no later than one month prior to the event / meeting. You should not promote the meeting on any platform prior to approval being granted. The Union would recommend that a Freedom of Speech request is made with as much time as possible before the event is due to take place. 

Please note that any event which is open to the public must go through the University's Conference Office. Please contact the Student Opportunities team if you are thinking about hosting an event which will be open to members of the public. If you are unsure of the Freedom of Speech process, or wish to host a public event, please contact the Student Opportunities Coordinator, Stephen.