Celebrating Success

Society & Society Member of the Week

Each week we're calling on societies and sports clubs to nominate a group or a member who has done something great! This could be a player scoring a game winning goal, a dancer delivering a great performance, or someone who goes unnoticed but derserves recognition!

Each Thursday at 12:00pm the Socieites & Sports Student Executive will review the nominations and pick their group/member of the week, who will then go in our celebrating success board at the entrance of University House and in The North Side! 

If you want to submit a nomination, submit the form below!

USSU Volunteering Skills Awards



There are twelve awards up for grabs to celebrate your skills. Communication. Problem Solving. Emotional intelligence. Professionalism. Financial and Digital Skills. Achieve bronze by registering on our platform and completing online courses. Achieve silver by applying your knowledge in your volunteering. 

Society Volunteer Under the Spotlight

We like to celebrate our incredible volunteers who keep the societies at Salford running, so throughout the year we put a spotlight on them and their brilliant work. If you want to be a volunteer under the spotlight, then register on our volunteering platform and start reflecting on your volunteering

Have a look below and click on the tiles to read our previous spotlights


Business Society Chair - Kiera Brown     Business Society Chair - Kiera Brown