Book a Room

Groups can book rooms in University House and across the University to use for their activities and events. In order to book a space, you can submit the below form. Please note, we require 3 working days to process bookings and cannot always guarantee your preferred space. 

Please note: we are only accepting bookings for affiliated clubs and societies for our spaces right now.

External Speakers

Any bookings with external speakers (anyone not a current USSU/UoS student or staff member) must have an approved Freedom of Speech form. We will not confirm bookings with external speakers until a Freedom of Speech form has been submitted and approved. You can find the form and more information here:

The North Side

The North Side is the main student space within the Students' Union. It is split into three main spaces; This End, That End, and The Pillars.

  • This End is a social space for all students to use throughout the day. It cannot be booked and any bookings in other spaces must account for potential of noise bleedthrough from any activity in the space.
  • That End is a semi-private space which can be booked. It has a large main projector and speakers, ideal for presentations or workshops.
  • The Pillars is a workspace for students which can be booked just like That End, and has a large TV/computer which can be used for presentations and workshops. Surrounding the Pillars are small meeting rooms which can be booked.

Please note that all of these spaces are semi-private and as such there is the potential for noise bleedthrough on events. 


Capacity *

That End 30 cabaret, 60 theatre Projector with speakers
The Pillars 48 cabaret, 30 theatre Big screen TV with built in computer
Lewis Latimer 14 boardroom, 24 cabaret, 30 theatre Projector with speakers
Aden Abdullah (currently out of use) 10 boardroom -
Lewis Latimer & Aden Adbullah Combined (currently out of use) 40 cabaret, 50 theatre, 24 boardroom Projector with speakers
Rosa Parks  19 Projector with speakers
Small Meeting Rooms 4 -
Atmosphere Lounge - -
Atmosphere Room 2 (Old Cafe) 40 -

*Please note that 1m social distancing is still enforced across our spaces and capacities should be reduced to reflect that. We advise groups visiting the spaces before booking to understand the best space for their events.