Fundraising (RAG)

Feel like doing some fundraising while you're at Salford? Well your Students' Union can help you out! We can support you by lending you gazebos, tables, chairs, fundraising buckets, and promoting what you're doing! 


There are loads of ways to fundraise; from bake sales to sleeps outs to coffee mornings to club nights! Once you've done your fundraising, put the total amount you've raised into the form below and we'll announce the total amount raised by all Salford students at our end of year ball. You could also win one of our annual awards!

If you want to get involved just fill out the form below and a member of staff will be in touch to help out, or if you've already done some fundraising then remember to put in the amount you raised in our calculator below!

I want to Fundraise!                                            RAG Calculator