What is a Preferendum?

In march you voted on our new strategic plan. With the results we promised to identify & make the changes you want to see so now we need to know what is most important to you! 

We have 6 areas of work that have been consistently raised by students, officers and representatives over the last few years.

All of these are important but in order to ensure that we can be successful in making these changes we have to prioritise. The preferendum asks you to vote, in order of preference, for the areas of work you would like to see the Students’ Union carry out over the next 3 years.

What can I vote for? 

The six areas that we are asking you to prioritise are, click on each one to find out more about what we will do if you prioritise this option: 

Costs on Campus 


Excellent Teaching 





What will happen once I've voted? 

The preferendum is open between Tuesday 12th Noevmber at 10am and Thursday 14th November at 4pm

The results will tell us what Salford students see as the top priority for the Students' Union

This will then inform the work that we do over the next 3 years, encuring that we make positive change in the areas that are important to you.


How do I vote? 

Head to and log in using your university ID and password. 

Prioritise all 6, with  number 1 being the one you think most important 

Click submit - that's it!