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About Us

Whether you're into competition or enjoy swimming to keep fit this is the club for you. We have 3 lanes reserved of the pool especially for the club along with a top level coach that attends once a week for those wanting to be pushed a little harder. Even though we do like to try and cater for everyone we do require that you can swim as we are not able to teach everyone the very basics.

Out of our two sessions one is coached. This session is structured as half an hour of individual warm up time and an hour of coaching. Our coach plans sessions that not only includes technique work but also stamina training and perfecting starts and turns. The second session that is held is a session that is not coached. In these sessions swimmers tend to work on things they feel that they need to improve on or use this time to do more long distance swimming.

In the last year the Swimming club has competed at both BUCS swimming events in Sheffield. This is normally a weekend trip to Sheffield to compete at Ponds Forge against many other universities in the country. Not only does this involve swimming but also a night out too. This isn’t your only chance at a night out with the club either. Throughout the year there are many social that are organised by the club and students union so there will always be a chance for a good night!

Remember, you don't have to pay membership before you attend, your first session is ALWAYS free and you can join at ANY point in the year!

Type of Membership Price Includes
Standard Membership £40 Access to all training, matches and events
Standard Membership + T-shirt £50 As above + 2017/18 T-shirt
Alumni / Staff Membership £40 Access to all training, matches and events with restrictions in line with Union-by-laws
Alumni / Staff Membership + T-shirt £50 As above + 2017/18 T-shirt


Day Time Location (Click below to find)
Monday   6:30-8.00pm University Sports Centre Pool 
Wednesday  6:30-8.00pm University Sports Centre Pool


There will be at least two trips to the BUCS nationals competitions this year given that we can get the numbers required to go.