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About Us

Friendly, fun and inclusive dance society for all abilities!!!

Salford University Dance Society is a society for all dance abilities and we focus on learning dances from a wide range of styles. We are a friendly, open and welcoming group who usually meet twice a week to dance, train and rehearse for our one annual show. Rehearsals normally take place on a Tuesday and Wednesday 6pm until 10pm. A rehearsal rooms are located on Fllor 7 of the New Adelphi building. We are one of the biggest societies at Salford and have a great supoort network from past SUDS so it really is like joining a family. SUDS s also a very social society and also love to get stuck into charity events and fundraisers to support our community. Come and join us for a boogie for the best part of your uni experience :) 

Whether you have danced all your life or have never danced before this society is for you !

We also hire outside coachs to come and teach workshops to styles we don't teach regualry so there is always something for everyone!

Student Project of the Year 2019 - Rise of the Woman

Student Project of the Year 2022 - Battle of the Best





Remember, you don't have to pay membership before you attend, and your first session is ALWAYS free!

Type of Membership Price Includes
Full Membership £40.00 Access to all events, workshops, insurance, member t-shirts.
Alumni/Staff £20.00 All the benefits of a full membership. Available to Alumni and Salford Unviersity staff.*

*Staff and alumni do not hold the same rights as regular members of the Society. For more details on this please contact the Society committee or the Student Opportunities department. 


Event Date Time Location (Click below to find)
Weekly Rehearsal (Term Time Only) Tuesday's & Wednesday's 6-10pm

Floor 7 New Adelphi

Occaisonal Extra Rehearsal  Committee will confirm as and when needed 7:30-10pm Allerton Hall


Instagram: @salfordunidance 

Facebook: SUDS Salford University Dance Society

TikTok: @salfordunidance 



Chloe Kilner 

Years in SUDS: 4 

Degree: Law

I am soo excited to start this year as Chairperson, I love this society and it is honestly my 2nd family. I have gained so much knowledge and experience about this society, being choreographer last year. I felt that I need to move up to the next level. I have crazy organisational skills and know that myself and my amazing committee will be able to make this society extremely successful, more so than it already is as I feel we have done a great job over the past few years. I have been dancing on and off for around 10 years, I have never been classically trained and I am 100% self-taught. This society is for everyone no matter their abilities or experience. I have proved this as becoming chairperson and choreographer previously YOU CAN LEARN SO MUCH WITH US! We aim to create a positive , friendly and fun enviroment. Everyone who has joined has stated that they have made friends for life. I adore this society and I never want to leave.


Morgan Brown

Years in SUDS: 4

Degree: Biomedicine 

Dance & therefore, SUDS, is my happy place! It’s where I feel most at home and at my best! I’ve danced since being little and i will continue to do so forever!!! The friends you make at dance are THE best and I wouldn’t know where I would be without them! 



Harry Jenkins

Years in SUDS: 2

Degree: Film Production

So I joined SUDS a couple weeks after it began in my first year. I was struggling to get settled so wanted something to do, something to look forward to in the week. I'd never done dance before (apart from watching Strictly of course) but everyone was so welcoming and encouraging that I felt right at home straight away and now I'm some how one of the choreographers this year! Going to SUDs and dancing every week pretty much kept me sane during the rocky first few months that I had. We've become like one big family and I couldn't recommend joining more, just do it! I love it and have made friends for life.



Lucy Hodgkinson 

Years in SUDS: 2

Degree: Film, TV and Stage Design


SUDS is the best place to be! I started dancing at the age of 6 and I haven’t stopped. Starting uni last year I was a nervous wreck but after going to the first taster session I instantly felt like I was at home!  Everyone is so lovely and welcoming and I have met friends for life!



Kate Greenwood

Years in SUDS: 2

Degree: Prosthetics and Orthotics

I’ve loved dancing my whole life, it’s my favourite way to de-stress and hang out with friends. Joining SUDS has been the best decision I’ve made and was the highlight of my first year of uni. I’ve met the best people and loved every minute. I can’t wait to meet all the new freshers and have the best year yet!! 


Social & Well-being

Charlotte Russell

Years in SUDS: 2

Degree: English and Creative Writing 


I’ve been dancing since I was 5 years old, it’s been such a big part of my life! Being able to carry on dancing at uni has been amazing, I’ve made so many friends for life! It’s such a fun and welcoming society and I’m so excited for what this year will bring! Ready to have another great year at SUDS


Social & Well-being

Isabel Blakeborough 

Years in SUDS: 2

Degree: Psychology 

Suds completely changed my uni experience for the better! i’ve met so many amazing people through suds that i just can’t imagine my life without. i’ve always loved dancing, there’s just nothing like it,, it cheers me up to no end, has helped my mental health so much, and really there’s just nothing like a good boogie! i can’t wait to get started and i’m so excited to meet and perform with all of you!!



Alana Vickers

Years in SUDS; 2

Degree: Criminology & Sociology 


 SUDS just feels like a family where you belong and everyone’s gets on and supports each other. I joined suds a couple of weeks into my first year and I was so nervous about joining but after going for the first time I just felt so welcomed and I’ve made the best of friends there. I definitely recommend joining suds and our big family! (Ps I can’t dance it takes me triple the time to remember one move and I have an attention span of a toddler so if I can do it so can you)




Marli Martin

Years in SUDS: 2

Degree: Media and Performance 


I love this society with my whole heart, it’s more than just dance for me, it’s another family! I’ve been dancing as long as I can remember and I’m so greatful to be part of the commitee this year! SUDS family is the most welcoming and loving group, and I’m so lucky to have made amazing friends here. I’m so excited for my role and I can’t wait to be posting everyones talent and lovely faces everywhere!