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About Us
SGI members integrate Buddhist practice into the daily rhythm of their lives. The aim is to develop and strengthen our lives through chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo and by studying the teachings of Buddhism. The aim of this practice is to cultivate our Buddha nature--the qualities of courage, wisdom and compassion--thereby tapping the energy needed to tackle our challenges, transform our life and contribute to the happiness of others. SGI members embrace Nichiren Buddhism, following a Lotus Sutra-based practice formulated by the 13th-century Japanese priest Nichiren. There are no set rules that regulate the lives of SGI members, but they are encouraged to live constructive and contributive lives and to respect the laws and norms of the societies and cultures in which they live. 

Remember, you don't have to pay membership before you attend, and your first session is ALWAYS free!

Type of Membership Price Includes
Full Membership £2.00 Access to all events, workshops, and seminars.
Alumni/Staff £2.00 All the benefits of the full memebrship.*

*Staff and alumni do not hold the same rights as regular members of the Society. For more details on this please contact the Society committee or the Student Opportunities department. 


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