British Sign Language

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About Us

Hi! Welcome to USSU BSL Society.


Our aim is to help people learn British Sign Language, as we believe that it is a skill everyone should be able to draw upon. Not only is it a beautiful, under-studied language, but knowing even a little helps to reduce the isolation that people in the deaf/hard of hearing (hoh) community experience in everyday life.


We would also love to be a place where those who are deaf or hoh or users of BSL feel welcome and can come to meet like-minded individuals, and make new friends who are working hard to learn to effectively communicate with the deaf/hoh community

Remember, you don't have to pay membership before you attend, and your first session is ALWAYS free!

Type of Membership Price Includes
Full Membership £3.00

Access to all events, workshops, and seminars.

Alumni/Staff £3.00 All benefits of full membership with certain restrictions as stated in the Union by-laws.*

*Staff and alumni do not hold the same rights as regular members of the Society. For more details on this please contact the Society committee or the Student Opportunities department. 


To find out the next meeting of this group, contact them on social media or through the contact form.