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About Us

We aim to provide a fun and fulfilling society for students to truly know God and his word, know themselves and know their purpose for life.

One main aspect that our society is focused, and distinguishes itself, is demonstrating the character of the Holy Spirit and taking the divine presence of God to our campus, and that can be done only through the Holy Spirit. 


In BLW Salford you will find a friendly and family environment, in which we care and are accountable for each other. We will discuss ways to live this academic life in a different and more fulfilling way through various materials.

Members can expect: fellowship during the week, to participate in fun activities, national and international trips, encounter friends that build each other up, participation to events of national importance, to learn the word of God as it truly is, gathering not only with Salford students but being in touch with sister-societies in other UK universities.


We will soon start a band and play on Sundays gospel music, so let us know if interested! Hope to see you!


Meetings: every Monday from 18:00-19:00

Remember, you don't have to pay membership before you attend, and your first session is ALWAYS free!

Type of Membership Price Includes
Full Membership £3.00

Access to all events, workshops, and seminars.

Alumni/Staff £3.00 All benefits of full membership with certain restrictions as stated in the Union by-laws.*

*Staff and alumni do not hold the same rights as regular members of the Society. For more details on this please contact the Society committee or the Student Opportunities department. 


To find out the next meeting of this group, contact them on social media or through the contact form.