About Elections

Democracy is at the heart of everything we do. Our Students' Union has elections twice a year in October and March.

In October we elect the 5 delegates from Salford who will attend NUS National Conference alongside our President as well as our 7 volunteer officers who will lead our student executives. In March we elect the five full-time Sabbatical Officers who will run the Union for the next academic year.

Sabbatical Officer Elections

Each year, five students are elected to lead the Students' Union for a year.

Standing for election is a fantastic opportunity to make a real difference to the lives of your fellow students, help the Union and University meet the needs of the student body, meet people and gain transferable skills for life. There's not many students who can say they have been on the board of a million pound organisation before they've graduated, and this is your chance to be one!

Volunteer Officer Election

The Union has student executives who lead the unions work in a specific area. There are seven executives:

  • Societies and sports
  • Community and Wellbeing
  • International
  • LGBTQ+
  • Womens
  • Black and Minority Ethnic
  • Students with disabilities
  • Academic.

Each executive has an elected volunteer officer and the executive have control of a budget for activities in their area of work and alongside the lead officer is formed of other volunteers. The volunteer officers are all members of the Union Council, the ultimate democratic body of the union which has authority over the executives budgets and rhe running of student groups, as well as holding representatives accountable. 

NUS Delegate Election

Each year, five students plus are elected to represent Salford and vote on policy at the NUS National Conference alongside our President.

NUS are not just the people behind the discount card - the National Union of Students (NUS) represents all students in higher and further education across the UK on issues of national importance. Over 600 students’ unions across the UK, including ours are affiliated members. NUS have led on many high-profile campaigns, including those on fees and funding, changes to disabled students allowance, welfare and students’ rights, liberations issues affecting groups like LGBT, International students, Black students and many more.

Election Timetables 2017-18



2018 Sabbatical Officer Elections



Stand for election (nomination)

9am Monday 5th February - midday Friday 16th  February


9am Monday 5th March- 5pm Thursday 8th March

Candidate Celebration event

Thursday 8th March

Atmosphere Kitchen and Bar


 Friday 9th March



November 2017 Volunteer Officer + NUS Delegate Election



Stand for election (nomination)

 Monday 16th October  - midday Friday 3rd November

Candidates Briefing/training session

3rd November 3pm


9am 6th November- 5pm 9th November


After midday, Friday 10th November