By-Election Rules & Guidance

Elections are run under regulations approved by the Trustee Board of the University of Salford Students' Union. You can download the full election byelaw, and guidance document for our most recent elections




Should you wish to make a complaint please do so by filling out the form below:

Complaints form

Complaints MUST be submitted by 9am Friday 21st May 

All complaints about the conduct of candidates or their supporters should be made in writing to the Deputy Returning Officer and should include the following:

  • Details of the alleged incident
  • Confirmation of which election regulation you are alleging has been broken
  • Evidence to support your allegation


Returning Officer

The Returning Officer is Peter Robertson (NUS Deputy Chief Executive) .

The Deputy Returning Officer is Lauren Beckett (Head of Student Voice - USSU) If you wish to contact the Deputy Returning Officer you should email



Voting will take place online using the Alternative Vote System. There will be a seperate election for each position. 


Term of office

Elected Full Time Student Officers: Succesful candidates will begin their term of office from the 1st July until the 30th June the following year

Voluntary Officers: Succesful candidates begin their term of office from the 1st July until the 30th June the following year


Gender Balancing for NUS National Conference Delegations

At the 2014 NUS National Conference, delegates passed policy to ensure that delegations to National Conference would be made up of "at least 50% self-defining women, rounded down". As a result of this at least three of the six delegates from Salford Students' Union must be self-defining women. As the President is an ex-officio delegate and self defines as a women the vote will be counted to ensure that at least two of the five elected delegates are self-defining women. If you would like further details on the specifics of the count please contact

Other NUS conferences have delegation requirements that will be specified at each election.