Student Elections 2020

What is a Students’ Union election? 

Students’ Unions are built by students, for students. They are separate entities to the University and whilst linked by their students, they have their own staff and priorities (mainly making your student experience the best it can be!). 

Every Students’ Union across the country has elections (which normally take place in February or March) where it is a chance for the student community to vote for a group of elected representatives to champion the student voice at the University.  

At Salford we have 5 Student Officers and 8 Voluntary Officers who represent, advocate and support the student community. They campaign, put on events and tackle issues that are problematic to our community. Much like politicians, they are voted in on a manifesto and you have the right to hold them to account. 

Without Student Officers, Unions would not exist. You would not have a voice and your time at University would certainly be very different.  

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Student Elections 2020 Timetable
Event Time

9am Monday 20th January - Midday (12pm) Thursday 20th February  

Candidate's Development Session (Compulsory) 3pm-6pm Friday 21st February or 11am-2pm Saturday 22nd February
Manifesto Deadline  Midday (12pm) Wednesday 26th February
Voting 9am Monday 2nd March- 4pm Thursday 5th March
Results 5pm Friday 6th March


If you have any questions, please contact

For more information on this election or any of the positions available see our handy guide below: 

Candidate Guide