Accommodation Reps

Living in University accommodation this year? 

Your Accommodation Reps are here to keep you in the loop with all things Student Life at Salford. 

Living in University accommodation is one of the best ways for you to immerse yourself in student life, as you centre yourself into the heart of the Salford area and become an expert of your local community. The Accommodation Reps are students living in the same accommodation as you, acting as a first point of call for all activities, events and opportunities relating to Student Life at the University. Accommodation Reps are volunteers who work for the Students' Union, so you know if there is anything happening either on campus or online, your Reps will know what's going on. 

Currently, we work in partnership with the following accommodation providers to have Acommodation Reps in their halls of residences:

  • CLV - Peel Park Quarter
  • CLV - John Lester & Eddie Colman

As this is a new programme, we are hoping to have further Accommodation Reps in the halls of residence below, with the aim to expand the programme in the future:

  • iQ Student Quarter 
  • Tramways
  • Bramall Court
  • Riverside House

What do the reps do?

The Accommodation Reps are there to create a unique experience within your halls, by acting as a source of information and guidance. They will have all of the current information regarding future events taking place at the Students' Union and the University. If you're interested in Sports, Societies, Academic Opportunities, Course-Related Events or even Night Time Activities, the Reps will know it all. They will be actively promoting activities and opportunities that can make your year at Salford one to truly remember. 

Accommodation Reps will also be leading on events that are specific to your student halls. In partnership with CLV and the Students' Union, virtual or socially-distanced phyiscal events, will take place across the entire academic year. Your Accommodation Reps will help in organising and facilitating such activities. 

The Student Experience will be entirely different for the academic year 2020/21, as the University implements the appropriate measures to ensure that student safety is at the top of their priorities. Therefore, the work of our Accommodation Reps this year is integral, to ensure that all of our students can still engage in Students' Union activities and fundmentally, feel part of a community.

Throughout the academic year, the Accommodation Reps will also lead on campaigns that tackle issues students are facing in their student halls. The campaigns could range from addressing better mental health support amongst peers in halls to, creating more active sustainability communities and facilities on site. Your student halls can be changed and developed by the work they do.

Accommodation Reps in CLV sites also sit on a Residents' Committee which meets once a semester. By sitting on the committee they ensure the views of residents are taken into account when decisions are made by the University, the Union and accommodation providers. Through this, they (and you) have plenty of opportunities to influence the way the University and accommodation providers operate, to make life in halls and at University a fantastic experience for all.

Become an Accommodation Rep!

Accommodation Rep recruitment for the 2020/21 cycle has closed. 

If you are interested in becoming a rep and would like further detail on the process, please contact