Denizen Halls Reps


Living in University accommodation this year? Your Denizen accommodation reps are always there to support you and make sure your time at Salford is incredible!

Living in Uni accommodation is a fantastic way of immersing yourself in student life, and we want to make sure that you have a great time making friends and building connections that will last throughout your time at Salford and beyond.

We currently have Denizen reps for Peel Park Quarter, John Lester & Eddie Colman, iQ Student Quarter and Tramways. The halls reps are students living in the same accommodation as you, and they will be there throughout the year to support and represent you during your time living in halls.  

What do the reps do?

The Halls Reps are there to help you if you ever feel like you need a bit more support during your time living in student accommodation at Salford. You can talk to them if you're having some problems or struggling to cope at uni. They can also help you find any support services you might need. Reps are also there to create a unique community within each accommodation by organising events for their block, and by forming teams to represent their halls in our Halls Varsity and Campus leagues.

The Denizen Reps sit on a Residents' Committee which meets once every semester.* By sitting on the committee they ensure the views of residents are taken into account when decisions are made by the University, the Union and accommodation providers. Through this, they (and you) have plenty of opportunities to influence the way the University and accommodation providers operate, to make life in halls and at University a fantastic experience for all.

*Only applies to Halls Reps in CLV accommodation.