Transgender Day of Remembrance

On 20th November each year we join students, staff and members of the community to mark Transgender Day of Remembrance. This year we are working with students and colleagues from the University, Salford Council, the NHS, LGBT Foundation, Sparkle, Healthwatch and others to host a series of events and activites on Monday 21st November.

Everything on the day will be free of charge but please give a donation in one of our buckets. All money raised will go to transgender charities.

Information and Education

Look out for stalls across campus and throughout Salford giving out helpful advice and information as well as some freebies between 11am and 4pm.

There will be a series of workshops on campus throughout the day:

What Pronoun?

12:30pm - 1:30pm, University House, Peel Park Campus, University of Salford

Sparkle - The National Transgender Charity present a workshop all about understanding and using the correct pronouns. They will provide a foundation for more inclusive language to help you identify the appropriate use of pronouns with regards to gender variance and learn how to relay this into your studies, workplace or business. This hour long session is perfectly timed for you to pop in on your lunch break.

Trans Health

2pm - 3pm, University House, Peel Park Campus, University of Salford

This session focuses on understanding and exploring trans wellbeing and mental health, including some recent data, sharing available support in Greater Manchester and looking at the role of the wider community (all of us!) in supporting wellbeing.

Play VX

2pm - 3:30pm, Sports Centre, Peel Park Campus, University of Salford

Drop in to try out VX, a totally inclusive sport where players of all genders and abilities are able to play on equal footing at all levels. VX is a fast paced game played by two teams of 5 players using VstiX to score pints by launching a ball at their opponents. It's a relatively new sport which is having amassive impact so come along and have a go. Just turn up and wear something you are comfortable moving around in.

Trans people and the Law

3:30pm - 4:30pm, University House, Peel Park Campus, University of Salford

The session, hosted by Tara Hewitt, will cover the following topics:

  • Support for Trans People - Session will provide advice on specific legal rights and protection and information on how to access legal and other professional support when facing barriers in accessing services or when facing other inequalities.
  • Guidance for Legal Professionals and Law Students - Session will outline the wider context of Trans people’s experiences, how this interacts with current legislation and case law and how to develop professional practice to best to represent Trans clients
  • Information for Other Professionals - Session will provide awareness about the key legal provisions that protect Trans people that organisations should be aware of and will help professionals navigate the complex and often misunderstood provisions to support you in applying them within a real life context at your own organisations.


Our remembrance ceremony will be held in the Activities Space of University House at 5pm.


Join us for a party in Atmosphere Bar and Café for an evening of celebration. There will be performers, DJs, karaoke, quizzes, a raffle and special purple drinks. Our café will remain an alcohol free space with activity stalls inlcuding jewellery making, badge making and lots of glitter and after 9pm we will screen some films. The party starts at 7pm.