SU Ball 2022



The SU Ball is your annual ceremony of celebration, the most prestigious of our annual events – where we highlight the most avid members of your societies, the most engaged of your Student Reps and the most outstanding of your contributions.

If there’s any night that deserves getting suited and booted for – this is it.

You could be a plugged-in student supporting their peers, a deserving nominee for an illustrious award, or maybe even one of the lucky few who end up going home with a well-earned and highly coveted USSU award!

Either way, this is a celebration of YOU!


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The ceremony will take place on Friday 27th May at University House


Want to know more?

See below for a full run-down of the awards categories and what constitutes a nomination for each of them!

Course Rep of the Year

Course Reps are responsible for representing the needs, wants and feelings of the student body on their course. This award is for a student who has done not only that, but they have gone above and beyond in their role to see positive change and action take place on their course, improving their education as well as the education for the peers that they represent.

- Chloe Mahon

- Diksha Gandhi

- Tuze Duzen

School Rep of the Year

School Reps represent students in their directorate by working directly with the Students’ Union to enhance the academic experience for students in their school. This award is for a School Rep who has not only fulfilled their role but has excelled within it by being proactive in their representation of that school and have seen meaningful enhancement to the academic experience take place because of their contribution(s).

- Emma Lawton

- Katherine Pegg

- Sana Farooq

Best Liberation Campaigner

‘Liberation’ is a term used by USSU to describe work done to overcome the barriers that marginalised students face in education and wider society. This award’s winner will have done impactful work as a volunteer in or outside of the SU to support marginalised students and overcome barriers to fully participating on campus. This could be through a campaign, peer support or community organising.  

- Ben Allan

- Ellie Webster

- Rishi Prem

Most inclusive Society or Sports Team of the Year

This award recognises a society or Sports Team that represents the diversity of the student body at Salford within its membership and shows a shining example of inclusivity within its members and its ethos.

- Salford Gaming Society

- Cheerleading

- Women's Rugby Union

Student Committee Member of the Year

This award is given to a student who is on the committee of a society or sports club and goes above and beyond for their group, making meaningful contributions within their committees that lead to substantial events and/or action for their society or club.

- Alec Westley

- Alex Charles

- Hannah Sames

Academic Society of the Year

This award recognises a group that has close ties to its members’ studies, giving them more opportunities to develop themselves and their futures, whilst providing members with further connections to people with similar interests and goals both within and outside of their academic and professional fields.

- Biomedicine Society

- Level Up Law Society

- Salford Racing

Society of the Year

While all our amazing societies contribute massively to your experiences here at Salford, a truly great society can transform students’ lives for the better through what they do. This award is for a Society that does this consistently.

- Almost Famous

- Salford Gaming Society

- Reading Between the Spines

Student Volunteer of the Year

This award recognises one student volunteer as an individual, who has made an exceptional contribution to a group, campaign, or cause at the Students’ Union, or even the Students’ Union as a whole over the course of the year.

- Ayo Ewebiyi

- Chloe Taylor

- Montanna Rollins

Students' Union Personality of the Year

This award goes to a special breed of student who lives and breathes the Students’ Union and everything it represents; from democracy and representation to volunteering and participation, through to just enjoying and loving student life here at Salford.

- Lauren Blissett

- Montanna Rollins

- Rishi Prem

Atmosphere Student Staff of the Year

This is a chance to recognise the unsung student heroes for the SU. From making your coffee and cooking your lunch to setting up and supporting your events, it’s the Union’s student staff that help everything run smoothly. This award recognises a student staff member who over the course of the year has gone above and beyond what we expected of them and has had an extraordinary impact on the experiences of Salford students both within and outside of their role at Atmosphere.

- Alice Hartland

- Brandon Smith

- Megan Johnson

Most Improved Student Group of the Year

This award recognises a society that has developed significantly over the past year by doing fantastic work in progressing their groups’ efficacy and/or bolstering the work that their society has already done.

- Badminton

- Salford Gaming Society

- SUDS Salford University Dance Society

Student Group Project of the Year

This award is given to the group who have delivered the best project over the course of the year or in their efforts to a particular event. This could be an individual or collaborative effort between groups.

- Dance: Battle of the Best

- Gaming - Salford University Gaming Convention

- Women's Football: March Fundraiser

Newcomer of the Year

This is given to a student who has joined a society or club this year and has contributed in an outstanding way to their group, gaining them the respect and recognition of their peers.

- Bradley Lamph

- Phelan Geoghegan

- Rosie Larkin

Recreational Sports Club of the Year

This award highlights a club and its committee that have excelled in their demonstration to make their club’s sport (as well as the wider body of sports clubs) inviting, fun and engaging.

- Archery

- Mountaineering

- Swimming

Competitive Sports Club of the Year

This award highlights a sports club and it’s committee that have excelled in their performance to produce the best possible results during fixtures and competitions.

- Salford Sirens Cheerleading

- University of Salford Cricket Club

- Women's Rugby Union

Cultural Society of the Year

Our community of Salford students is made up of thousands of students from all over the world, and our international and cultural groups do a great deal to make sure everyone feels like Salford is truly their home, while celebrating the cultures that our students bring and create. This award is for a society that has done this exceptionally.

- British Asian Society

- Christian Union

- Nigerian Student Society

Check out who was shortlisted last year below!

Award 2020 2019 2018
Academic Society of the Year Business Salford Racing Enactus
Cultural Society of the Year Indian Islamic Islamic
Society of the Year Gaming Shock Radio Almost Famous
Competitive Sports Club of the Year Women's Football Women's Football Hockey
Recreational Sports Club of the Year American Football Salford Snow Swimming
Student Group Collaboration of the Year

1st Manchester Cup

Fencing Club

Comics for CATS

Comedy & Cancer Awareness Societies

When East meets West

Ghanaian & Kenyan Societies

Student Group Inclusivity Award Gaming Gaming N/A
Most Improved Student Group of the Year American Football Comedy N/A
Student-led Event of the Year 24hr Chairty Row-a-thon (Rowing Club) Row-a-thon (Shock Radio) Two Cities Challenge (Rugby League)
Student Group Project of the Year CoViD-19 Peer Support Network (Nursing Society) The Rise of the Woman (Dance) Silverstone Entry (Salford Racing)
Socieites Newcomer of the Year John Newhouse (Tabletop Gaming) Charles Wright (Shock Radio, Almost Famous) Sophie Buxton (Shock Radio)
Sports Newcomer of the Year Daniel Park (Fencing) Molly Matthews (Canoe & Kayak) Ally Reynolds (Archery)
Course Representative of the Year

Michael Bloomer (A&M), Adam Mustafa (B&L),

Sue Skidmore (H&S), Matthew Walker (SSE).

Anna Borun N/A
School Representative of the Year Courtney Busby Fatma Sawalim N/A
Student Group Committee Member of the Year Ciaran Fahey (Shock Radio) Alex Hughes (Shock Radio) N/A
Student Volunteer of the Year Tobias Reynolds Tayla Middleton Samantha Burgess
Students' Union Personality of the Year Olly Sweetman Zayd Abid-Waheed Hatty Ruddick


Award Descriptions