Getting to Atmosphere

You'll find Atmosphere in University House, in-between the Library and the Sports Centre on the Peel Park campus. The entrance to Atmosphere is on the right hand side of the building as you walk up the stairs from the main entrance.


We can be reached by car from University Road. Parking for visitors is available in front of the building in the Delaney accommodation car park, which can be paid for using the PayByPhone mobile app. Parking is also available behind the building in the Lowry accomodation car park for students and staff with a pre-paid car parking permit.

Please act responsibly when driving to and from Atmosphere, do not drink and drive.

Disabled Access

Disabled access to Atmosphere is via the lift on the right hand side of the main entrance in to University House. Once in the lift you can get to Atmosphere by pressing the button for 'Level 3', which will take you in to the café. From the café you can easily access all other areas of Atmosphere.

Please note the top floor lounge area of Atmosphere is not wheelchair accessible.