Weekly events


Question 1: What is the world record for the longest quiz ever held?

Answer: 36 hours!

Question 2: Where was that record broken?

Answer: Right here in Atmosphere!

Join world record breaking Quiz Master Tony Murphy every Monday to show your friends that you’ve got the answers!

Don’t worry – this ain’t no old man’s pub! So, no pen ‘n paper needed! Just bring your phone, some mates and be ready to have a laugh!

Of course, no Quiz Night would be complete without the allure of some sexy prizes!

The top two spots will receive up to £20 in Atmosphere vouchers! (With that, you can stop living off noodles for at least a week!)

Whoever comes specifically 5th, receives a vegetable…

 You could probably add that to your noodles, I guess?

So come on down to the best Quiz Night in Salford!

EVERY Monday @ 8:30pm!

Better come early if you want some good seats! 😉


Atmosphere on a Wednesday? Is that a joke?

YES! Quite literally!

Our Comedy Night is hosted weekly by award-winning comedian Dan Tiernan!

Featuring a rotating cast of Manchester’s belly-hurting best!

Keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram for sneak-peeks of upcoming line-ups!


EVERY Wednesday @ 8pm!

Doors open at 7! (So you’ve got a drink to spit out in laughter!) 😉


Thirsty Thursdays?

With free entry, cheap drinks and LIVE music – Atmosphere’s the place to be!

Each week, over 300 students turn up! There’s never a dull night!

But wtf is ‘Bandaoke’? A good question!

Think of it like Karaoke, but 1000x better – because there’s a LIVE band rocking out behind you!

We’ve got a mega list of absolute bangers for you to choose from and your friends to sing along to!

 (Or point out your awful singing…)

Stop indulging that lead-singer fantasy in your mirror and come do it for real!

But wait! The party doesn’t stop there!

Every good gig deserves an Encore, right?

Here at Atmosphere – they get one. Every. Single. Time.

Straight after Bandaoke, Salford’s DJ Society come and tear the place up ‘til 2am!

Phwoar! That sounds like a heavy one!

See you there!

EVERY Thursday @ 8:30pm (Bandaoke)

11:30pm – 2am (DJ Society)

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