Your 2023 Election Results!

Friday 10-03-2023 - 14:13

We've had a record number of votes this year and an amazing election season!


We are so proud of all of our student candidates for both the full term and voluntary officers positions - you've worked so hard and should be extremely proud of what you achieved in a small amount of time.


So here we go with the winners...

Full time Officers:

  • President: Simeon Anyalemechi
  • AMCT: Rachael Rena
  • B&L: Mahesh Narayan Trimukhe
  • H&S: Ayo Ubikitan
  • SEE: Adnan Javed Sabir


Voluntary Officers

  • BME Officer: Arooj Afzal
  • Community and Wellbeing: Charlotte Aughton-Hughes
  • International Officer: Sreejitha Jayan
  • LGBTQ+ Officer: Daniel Jack
  • Disability Officer: Tamia Hall Tudor
  • Women's Officer: Oluwadolapo (Dolly) Akinde

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