The Uncensored Library

Tuesday 24-03-2020 - 13:52
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You might think of Minecraft as that game your little brother plays, or think it’s just essentially digital Lego (it kind of is), but it also provides an unlimited amount of creative freedom. One group of players, known as ‘Reporters without Borders’ have stepped up to the challenge of creating the ultimate library in Minecraft. 


The plan was simple, create a huge library in Minecraft that has readable books and articles available anywhere in the world. In an attempt to battle censorship by restrictive governments this group of altruistic gamers have built ‘the uncensored library’, a massive project that took 24 builders from 16 countries over 250 hours to complete. The library is made from 12.5 million blocks and currently features banned articles from five countries; Egypt, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Vietnam, and the group are aiming to add more books and articles as this library ever grows. 


“These articles are now available again within Minecraft hidden from government surveillance technology inside a computer game. The books can be read by everyone on the server, but their content cannot be changed,” Reporters Without Borders have stated. 

You can find out more about the project and download the library for free at their website; 

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