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Friday 08-04-2022 - 12:22
Conversion therapy

This week the government has announced that the ban on conversion therapy will NOT include the trans and non-binary community. This has spread fear and anger amoungst these communities.

We want to put a message out to all our trans and non-binary students. Below we signpost to organisations that can help.

We also want to call on all allies within our student community to support our fellow students during this scary time. 


Matt Holt, He/Him, from the LGBTQ+ society had this statment to say;

“I'm disappointed but not surprised, many of us in the community don't expect help from those in power but this shows that the government is complicit, ‘conversion therapy’ is torture.

Suddenly the Government learns to differentiate sexuality and Gender when it suits their needs

I'm interested in what allies have to say in response too, trans people are tired of defending our existence”


Take Action

If you want to create noise and support the trans and non-binary community then follow, interact with and share content from these charities and organisations. They're a great place to start to educate yourself on WHY the exclusion from the conversion therapy ban sends such a fearful message to the trans and non-binary community. 


You can also follow this link to write to your local MP to express your concern with this bill and take action;

You can also head to the LGBQT+ Society's instagram give them a follow and share their latest post on this topic.

Get Support

If you need further support from your student union you can access our peer support listening service Rafiki or book an appointment with our advice centre. 
Our LGBTQ+ society also meets weekly - follow them on instagram to get involved in their welcoming community.  

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