Stop cuts to funding for disabled and dyslexic students

Tuesday 03-06-2014 - 10:38

This government has time and time again made cuts that affect the most needy when it relates to Higher Education - and this just about takes the biscuit.

David Willetts MP the Minister for Universities and Science, together with the Department for Business Innovation and Skills, have announced a series of cuts in provision to the Disabled Students Allowance - placing the funding burden of this support on Universities and individual students (who likely are going to be unable to afford this) - ultimately, meaning that this support is likely to be lost for Disabled students. 

As if this were only the first thing? No. The Government are already decimating the National Scholarship programme, and taking financial support away from those who come from families on the lowest incomes - those who literally have to scrape by every day and can't afford to help their children through University too. And now this.

Cuts to the DSA are likely to:

·         Reduce access to higher education for students with disabilities and dyslexia 

·         Reduce successful outcomes with less support meaning lower degree classifications for students who require additional support 

·         Reduce the employment prospects for graduates with disabilities and dyslexia

·         Increase the drop out/failure rate in universities amongst disabled and dyslexic students 

The government should not be playing around with Disabled Students Support, and Universities/individuals themselves should not have to be burdened with picking up this support. Our state should do everything it can to support disabled students, and give them every resource they need to get the best education. 

This policy would hit those who are already disadvantaged hardest. It is completely outrageous and we should all be angry about it. Please take 1 minute to sign this government petition against it and call on the government to withdraw this policy.

Your Students’ Union has written to Salford MP Hazel Blears to be vocally against this and to question the Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills about the anticipated impact of the cuts. The more MPs that are against this, the more are our chances of being heard.

Join the twitter twobby: at 12 noon on June 6th there will be a twitter twobby. Tweet at your MP using the hashtags #DegreesofDiscrimination and #DSADay. To find out your MP’s twitter handle check out

Mishal Saeed

USSU President

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