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Tuesday 14-04-2020 - 13:19
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It’s likely you’ve moved into rented accommodation for your studies, or perhaps you live at home but fancy a revamp of your bedroom without causing any damage to the property. With us all spending more time than ever at home, now is a great time to spruce up your bedroom and transform it into a cosy, stylish environment. We've compiled some tips to help you along your way using damage-free methods that aren’t going to rile up your landlord. 

Mounting & Hanging Damage-Free

Our environment is now pretty limited to the four walls that surround us, so you may as well give them a bit of character. When it comes to renter-friendly decorating, hammers and nails are a no go; the pins from your pin board are bound to leave a pesky mark; blue tack can stain paintwork. But fear not, there are a variety of alternative hanging solutions to keep your walls fully accessorised and your items securely hung. Command strips are a great method for hanging up photographs, posters and artwork alike, as they don’t ruin paintwork or leave any marks behind. They’re also strong enough to hold up frames, and even cling well to cotton-like materials – so would work perfectly for hanging even a tapestry up above your bed. You can also use Command hooks as a great alternative to nails or pins. 


Now more than ever, we want to be reminded of loved ones and memories from simpler times. Filling your room with photographs is a great way to surround yourself with cherished moments. There are tons of websites/apps such as FreePrints that let you order multiple free photographs each month - all you pay is the delivery fee. Of course, some student accommodations come with a pin board in the bedroom for you to hang a few sentimental pieces or photographs, but there are tons of other creative ways to present photos around your room.

Hang some fairy lights using Command Strips or Hooks (you’ll have more control over the ‘drooping’ effect with hooks). Small wooden pegs can be purchased cheap online, and these can be used to hang your photographs across the string lights. I

You can also make frames for your photos using washi tape! A great alternative to normal sellotape, and they’re available in a variety of colours so you can be creative in how you choose to incorporate it into your decorating.

Or if you fancy going a step further and pushing your Washi tape skills to the max, try giving these Washi tape geometric designs a go.


Many of us are without access to nature or a garden, so having plants in your house can make a massive difference to your wellbeing by bringing a bit of nature into your living space. It’s also good to have something to attend to and look after, as it gives us a bit of routine that we may be (understandably) slacking behind with right now. There are loads of online plant stores for you to have a search through, so you don’t even have to worry about leaving your house to bring those leafy greens into your living room! 


We’re sure at least a few of you will be able to relate to walking into your newly rented accommodation and discovering a few mysterious stains on your carpet. That’s where a nice rug comes into play! Not only do they help cover any marks, they’re also great for cosy-ing up any room, particularly when it comes to laminate flooring in a bedroom. Definitely a purchase worth investing in if you haven’t already! 

Get Experimental!

Pinterest is your new best mate when it comes to quirky DIY, crafts and home interior inspiration. And what better time to try out something new with your home and get experimental! From using B&Q paint colour samples to create rainbows on your walls, to lining the inside of shelves with patterned fablic or wallpaper, there’s bound to be something that catches your eye. You never know what a little spruce up of your living space could do to improve your wellbeing during these unprecedented times. And it’s also a fun project to throw yourself into! 


Have any more renter-friendly decorating tips or planning to try some of these out? Let us know over on Twitter @salfordsu

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