Keeping fit is good for your mental health

Thursday 23-11-2017 - 09:00
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Research shows that physical activity can improve your mood, as well as reducing your risk of anxiety and depression, and so it is essential for promoting positive wellbeing. Endorphins are the body’s ‘feel good’ hormones, and when you exercise these hormones are released, which make you feel more energetic and boosts your mood.

A recent study revealed that three-quarters of people who run regularly report improvements in their emotional health and wellbeing. In a survey of 13,200 people, 74% said they felt running was good for their mental health. 89% of all runners also said their happiness had increased as a direct result of running with others or in a group. They also said it improved their resilience and ability to cope. Physical activity in a group has more benefits for your mental health than taking part in physical activity on your own, as people tend to feel more supported and encouraged when taking part in a group physical activity.

There are loads of ways you can stay fit and healthy at Salford, give them a try:

The Students’ Union has over 40 sports teams all run by students for students. You can join a sports club at any time in the year, not just during Welcome Week, and your first session is always free so you can try out as many new things as you want. It’s a great way to meet new people and make friends with a shared interest, or find a new sport you like.

Campus Leagues is a semi-competitive sports league, where you compete against other Salford students. Football, netball and badminton are just some of the sports available. Get a team together with your flatmates or course mates and compete for campus bragging rights.

Give Sport a Go has a different approach to participation in sport. The programme runs free, no commitment drop-in sessions every week, so you can have a go at different sports and find something that suits you. Give Sport A Go sessions are non-competitive and provide a relaxed environment for you to join in with sport, whatever your ability.

The Students’ Union Running Club is free to join, and they meet every Monday and Thursday during term times. You can meet them at 6.30pm in University House. They run distances of 3-5 miles, and all routes are posted on their Facebook group. 

The University also has its own Sports Centre on campus, with a swimming pool and sauna, four newly refurbished fitness suites, and a wide variety of fitness classes available for you to join. Prices start from £13 a month. 

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