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Wednesday 01-06-2022 - 11:39
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The University of Salford Students’ Union in partnership with the University of Salford will not be selling wristband events for Freshers 2022. Year on year we're inundated with messages from panicked students, realising they've bought a wristband for a 'Salford Uni freshers week' which is actually run by a completely unaffliated group who have nothing to do with the Uni or the SU - and we hate the idea of anyone being worried, because starting at Salford should be nothing but exciting and something to look forward to!

Be vigilant: any company seen to be selling Salford or University of Salford Wristband, labelling themselves as official or not, is an unofficial seller and in no way associated with the University of Students’ Union. 


When asked, the 2022/23 Students’ Union President, Festus Robert said: The benefit of going to an event hosted by the SU is that we put our student's welfare first, the same can’t be said about other nightclubs around the city. This is why we’re making all our events exclusive to Salford students. Please share this message with any students you know are due to start at Salford this September, so they don’t buy unofficial tickets thinking it’s associated with the University or Students’ Union.

Salford SU and University of Salford will be publicising its Welcome and Freshers plans in the coming weeks, stay up to date on www.salfordstudents.com/welcome and www.salford.ac.uk/welcome.

Find out everything your Students’ Union is doing for you @salfordsu on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. 

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