Core Principles

Your Advice Centre is guided by these core principles:

Free and Independent

The Advice Centre is open to all students who are currently enrolled at the University of Salford. It is free and independent of any external bodies including the University. Students who have graduated will also have access to the service if the issue they initially sought advice or support remains unresolved.

Non Judgemental

Information and advice is delivered by competent and committed advisers. All advice is expected to be objective and not prejudiced towards any personal viewpoint. Advisers will try to act in the best interest of the student whilst respecting institutional policies and procedures. Advisers should be very clear about their role and boundaries and limit advice to matters consistent with their role.


Any information gathered by the adviser during one to one interviews, phone calls or e-mails will remain confidential to the Advice Centre. It will not be passed to any third party, inside or outside of the University, without the student’s expressed consent. There will be occasions when this is not possible such as concealment resulting in danger to the student and others or when required by law, but on the whole, all data will be held in confidence. Personal data gathered from students will be handled in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.


Advisers will provide students with information and advice to enable them to make informed choices or decisions, or to defend themselves in any formal or informal procedures. Students should also be enabled to help resolve problems themselves and not become dependent on the adviser.


We aim to provide a service which is free from unlawful and unfair discrimination. Gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, ethnicity or religious belief should not play a part in determining access to the service.

Social Policy

We use the issues raised by students anonymously to campaign for policy change which benefit all students as a whole.