Student Mental Health Ambassador

Facilitator for Peer-Led Mental Health Workshops

Mental Health Ambassador for U OK? Project

In partnership with the Mental Health Foundation and the Association of Colleges, University of will be delivering a series of peer-led workshops for foundation, first and second year undergraduate students, and final year college students as part of the Mental Health Foundation’s U OK? project.

The project aims to acknowledge and address the mental health challenges faced by students in the transition from school and college into university. These workshops aim to open up conversations about mental health, tackle stigma, and provide practical tips and support to increase student knowledge and resilience in managing mental health.

Key Responsibilities in the role:

  • Working alongside another Mental Health Ambassador to deliver U OK? workshops to university students and college students either face to face or online.
  • Facilitating engaging and informative workshops that are inclusive, respectful, and safe.
  • Using your own experiences to shape workshop content.
  • Empowering students to safely share their own knowledge and experiences.
  • Communicating with the project team at the Mental Health Foundation to share feedback and help shape future content.

Skills developed:

  • Facilitation skills
  • Public speaking and communication
  • Collaborative working
  • Increased knowledge in topics relating to mental health and wellbeing

Volunteer benefits:

  • Expenses paid (I.e., travel costs).
  • Training by the Mental Health Foundation, the UK’s leading prevention focused mental health charity and home of Mental Health Awareness Week.
  • Ongoing support from the Mental Health Foundation.
  • Being part of an innovative approach to preventing mental health problems in student populations.

Person specification:

  • A current undergraduate student at University of Salford
  • Willing to be a positive advocate for the project.
  • A basic understanding of mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.
  • An ability to demonstrate empathy, especially in relation to others’ lived experience that might differ from your own.

If you feel you already have some of these skills and abilities or relevant experience from volunteering/work/school/university etc then please tell us about them in your application. However please note that a positive approach and willingness to develop are priorities when hiring for this role. Prior taught knowledge of topics relating to mental health and wellbeing is not a necessary requirement.

Please only apply if;

  • You will be a second- or third-year undergraduate student next academic year (2022-2023)
  • you are available to deliver at least five workshops over the Academic year. Each workshop will be no longer than 2 hours (minimum of 10 hours volunteering time)
  • You are available to attend training from the Mental Health Foundation (dates yet to be confirmed)


  • Voluntary role (expenses paid)
  • For all informal enquiries please contact
  • We will review all applications after the closing date and respond to applicants via email.


To apply please email telling us why you would be a great Student Mental Health Ambassador. Applications close on 21st August @ 11:59pm