Freshers' Fair

Freshers’ Fair is the biggest event of the year, and a fantastic way to start a relationship with both new and returning students.

The event traditionally takes place during the first week of university, when many students are still unaware of what products or services are available in the local area, and often willing to explore new brands and cultures.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, an operational decision decision has been made to postpone a physical on-campus Freshers' Fair, and to offer a Virtual Freshers' Fair. This event has been designed to run for the entire Fresher's period, meaning your brand gets more exposure than ever before!

Our website reaches thousands of students each year and is the one-stop shop for students to get everything they need for the best start to their new University life.


Virtual Freshers' Fair 

Dates: TBA

Prices: TBC

Reach: TBA

Included: logo on branding, social media shoutouts, standard stall with digital backboard and link to your/our website.