Jelili Mustapha

Science and Technology Officer

As officer for the Science and Technology schools, Mustapha works with the school to represents the views and needs of its students. Mustapha works as part of the Union’s Trustee Board to lead the Students’ Union. 0161 351 5424


Mustapha Jelili

What Jelili is Working On

  • Partnering with academics in the School of Environment and Life Sciences and the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) to organise a careers fairs for Biomedical Science students.
  • I am working on forming an international focus group to help the Home Office compliance team to review how they deliver their services to students.
  • Working on ensuring students know the importance of blood donation through partnership with NHS Blood and Transplant. This will be rolled out soon.
  • Tell me what you want me to do for you!

What Jelili Has Done

  • Establishment of a student leadership scheme in the School of Built Environment to bring more engagement, especially from mature and part-time students.
  • Started surgeries in different location across the University.
  • Worked alongside the Environment and Life Sciences school rep in organising a career and employability (LinkedIn) workshop for ELS students.
  • Called for training of engineering students on petroleum and gas software which has been embedded in their course modules.
  • Distributed gifts and freebies to Muslim brethren on Eid day which was aimed at ensuring visibility of the Union.
  • Worked closely with the Union President and other stakeholders in organizing Black History Month.
  • I was part of the panel who successfully recruited a new CEO for the Union.
  • Partnered with Islamic Society in organising Eid Festival on the 5th October 2016 with a large turnout of students and staff from different backgrounds.
  • Ensured that students are updated about the development work taking place in the library via social media and the Union website. This is an ongoing process.