Ceewhy Ochoga


As president of your Students' Union, Ceewhy is the elected leader of the Union and the key representative of the organisation to the University and to external organisations. She works as part of the Union’s Trustee Board to lead the Students’ Union. As president, she also has an overview of the organisation, represents students on University committees and works with the other sabbatical officers to ensure that all student voices are heard across campus.

ussu-president@salford.ac.uk 0161 351 5413

@salfordpres facebook.com/POTUSSU

Ceewhy Ochoga

What Ceewhy is Working On

  • Developing a more diverse food menu for Atmosphere Kitchen and Bar
  • Leading the development of the Union's inclusion and diversity policy
  • Lobbying the University to enhance the Union's external visibility to be more present with our members across campus

What Ceewhy Has Done

  • Improving and diversifying student engagement with the Union by introducing 3 new brands: Salford International Students' Society, Postgraduate Students' Network and Mature Students' Network
  • Promoting International student engagement and wellbeing by introducing a brand new international student brochure called Salford Basics
  • Keeping members informed via bi-weekly vlogs and weekly news on Shock Radio
  • Leading on planning and delivery of Black History Month 2016
  • Leading recruitment of a new Union CEO