Vice- President/Arts and Media

Adeyinka Adebayo

Vice-President/Arts and Media

As the officer for the School of Arts and Media, Adeyinka works with the school and the university of Salford to represents the views and needs of the students. Adeyinka works as a member of the students' Union Trustee Board to lead the Students’ Union.   0161 351 5405 07946887035


Adeyinka Adebayo

What Adeyinka is Working On

  • Five (5) additional cash machines on campus90%I have completed the project and agreed for  on 5 additional cash machines with FREE CASH WITHDRAWAL, £5.00 Withdrawal option, international MasterCard options for international students, in the following location on campus (I) University House, (II) Allerton Building, and (III) Maxwell, the Installation, will take place after signing the contract very out !!!
  • Students' market85%I have had approval from the University for the use of Broadwalk for the students' market. The market will comprise of 20 stalls, which will kick off as soon as we get the students traders. Please watch this space for more details on how to apply for stalls call me on 07946887035
  • Bikes shared scheme - pay per hour75% The scheme will kick off soon. The University is really keen to make this happen and we are woking together on this. Watch this space for more.
  • Academic mentoring80%I am working on peer and black ethnic and minority academic mentoring. I have invited all activity groups to participate. Mentoring consultants will come to the University in November to help start the scheme.
  • Job bank for students75%I am working with the employability team in the University to create additional job opportunities and launch a sustainable student jobs agency. Watch out for more information.
  • Campaign for preventing transmission of HIV/AIDS60%I will be provisionally launching this in December. World Aids Day will be observed and celebrated as well on December 1st.
  • Food bank60%I am working with the students' support team, wellbeing team and other interested members of the University on this project. This will help students with adverse financial situations.
  • Free Printing for All students 80% I have a Strong desire to put an end to High cost of printing for all students in the University, and I have been able to do that for you all.
  • Media City Campus/Peel Park Campus   Bridge The Gap 80% Linking students and staff Promoting the free travel between campuses, and therefore, bridging the gaps between Peel park campus and Media city Campus.
  •  University of Salford 50th Anniversary Celebration 'Flash Mob Orchestra'  This is another way of engaging you all students in the celebration of "we are 50 of the university".
  • University of Salford 50th Anniversary Celebration 'Clock Work'    Clockwork is a competition for the best '50th-anniversary clock' to hung in the New Adelphi, this is an opportunity for you all.
  • University of Salford 50th Anniversary Celebration 'Salfordian magazines'   reviving the dead and forgoten magazine is bit tasking and this will be useful for the promotion and coverage of the 50th anniversary of the university

What Adeyinka Has Done

  • Adeyinka has Successfully launched an Academic Mentoring Scheme in line with university connections on the mentoring scheme. This was done on the 28th October 2016. The first set of activity will be for the BME home students in the University.
  • Adeyinka has  completed the project Cash Machines and agreed for  on 5 additional cash machines with FREE CASH WITHDRAWAL, £5.00 withdrawals option enabled, International MasterCard options enabled for international students, in the following locations on campus (I) University House, (II) Allerton, and (III) Maxwell, the Installation will take place after signing the contract very out !!!
  • An International Students' Telephone Hotline has been installed by Adeyinka This will connect all international students to job centres and other government organisations for national insurance numbers. The hotline will be at the University House where you will be able to lift the phone and just speak straightaway by dialling 03456000643.   Please, check the promotion on Students' Union website.
  • Students' Markets project has been completed Adeyinka, and the idea of students market is to develop your employability and entrepreneurial skills. Please check our website for the promotion of the students' market. The market will be piloted soon, initially with 20 stalls on a first come, first served basis. If you are interested in selling goods and services, Please contact me on Tel: 07946887035 and
  • Bike scheme: I started the pay per hour bike scheme for all of you in the university the project was completed by Adeyinka and the project is now tied with the TFGM-TRANSPORT FOR GREATER MANCHESTER BIKE SCHEME. A Campaign will kick off soon and this is to be able to get the funding required. our campaign will be for sustainable travel plan, Students' travel survey and cycle clinic, a free cycle repair and workshop.
  • Food Bank:  Completed food bank is an initiative to sustain the needs of students in hardship and financial difficulty this project has been put on the Salford support fund and students especially international students who has no recourse to public funds will have full access to this while they will be scored according to their needs. Vouchers will follow as another robust means of helping students, I am working on this voucher plan as an additional support.
  • Free Printing for All students- completed by Adeyinka and waiting to finalise where the machines will be, is it going to be in the library or where ? and how many machines we will need to start with ?. This free printing will have adverts at the very bottom of the pages you can use it for other Academic works apart from your assignments but it saves you all a lot of money. 
  • Media City Campus/Peel Park Campus let us  Bridge The GapI will be creating an Eventbrite registration for each week on wedensWednesdayslow students and staffs to be met by volunteers and myself on both sides of media city and peel park campus.
  • University of Salford 50th Anniversary Celebration 'Flash Mob Orchestra': We are using all students for this flash mob orchestra especially the students from the school of Art & Media, the school is working in line with this and announcements will follow shortly for participants.
  • University of Salford 50th Anniversary Celebration 'Clock Work': the announcement for students to create a Giant clock for the 50th anniversary will be on anytime Now. so watch out !!!
  • University of Salford 50th Anniversary Celebration 'Salfordian Magazine' : A digital version of the magazine is coming up soon and all students will be able to tap into this medium.