Policy is democratically determined by either Union Council or a referendum. Policy determines the priorities and actions of the Students' Union. It can consist of: a statement of beliefs the Union holds on key issues, a commitment to doing things in a certain way or to campaign on a particular issue.

Any student can submit an idea to Student Council which would be voted on to determine whether or not it becomes policy of the Union. You can submit an idea though our Big Ideas page. A referendum to pass a policy can be called by a secure petition signed by 1% of the members of the Union. Once a referendum has been called 4.5% of the members of the Union are required to vote for the referendum decision to be binding.

Student submitted policy needs to gain 25 votes within 21 days to be discussed at the next meeting of Union Council. 

If an idea recives over 150 votes within 21 days and more than 2/3 of voters 'like' the idea it automatically becomes policy unless two thirds Union Council vote to veto it. 

All policy is managed under the policy byelaw and the policy guidance document

Current Policy

Passed at Union Council 28/11/2016

Other Policy