Diving (Scuba)

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Salford University Diving Society (SUDS)



We meet every Tuesday in term time 6.30pm at the Gilbert rooms (next to Maxwell building) Come along and join in the fun!!

If you want to join a club that’s a bit more interesting than the standard sports team then you should look into scuba diving. Although Manchester might not be renowned as a diver’s paradise, we’re actually pretty close to some of the best dive sites in the U.K and we can take you there. Whatever reason you have for wanting to learn to dive, you’re welcome at the club. Learning while at university is one of the cheapest and most fun ways to qualify as a diver. We know that students don’t have loads of money to throw around so we keep all our training and trip costs to a minimum.

The Salford University Diving Society (SUDS) offers training from your first qualification through to advanced skills and even instructor courses. If you’ve already learnt to dive then come and see us - we can offer you further training to help improve your underwater skill-set and give you access to even more great dive sites or we can just get you in the water.

We organise trips all over the UK and abroad to make sure that everyone gets a chance to put their qualifications into action. We regularly travel to Scotland and North Wales for diving trips in the UK, as well as heading down to the south coast (Dorset, Cornwall) when we have the chance. Some of the world’s best dive sites are on our doorstep and we try and make sure we visit them as often as possible. In previous years, we’ve also taken groups to the Red Sea in Egypt, Malta and there are even trips planned further afield, such as to Truk Lagoon.

As well as having fun, making new friends and being able to explore the amazing underwater world, learning to dive will equip you with loads of transferable skills. Learning to scuba dive is a great way to improve you communication and team working skills, as well as giving you access to the beautiful underwater world that so few people ever get to see.

Diving is also a great add-on to many courses offered at Salford University. It obviously complements many of the environmental and conservation courses but it can also be useful for people doing engineering qualifications who may want to go on and work in a marine environment. It looks great on your CV and could even help shape your future plans for employment. Most of the skills you’ll learn as a diver can be applied to other areas of your life so you won’t be wasting your time.

It’s fun, it’s amazing, you’ll make loads of new friends, visit beautiful places and you’ll come away with some great stories to tell.


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